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Sun's Out, Blonde's In

The sun is out, Spring is here and you're ready to get your dark Winter hair a little brighter. We want you to get the most out of your blonde hair journey so we came up with the easiest way to get your hair brighter while maintaining your hair's health.

Before your visit The blonding process can take a toll on your hair's strength. Two weeks before you come in we recommend prepping your hair shaft for your salon service. Henri recommends a product to strengthen your hair, like Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Treatment.

During your visit Going lighter with your hair color is a journey. Our stylists will discuss what your color goals are and set a plan by pre scheduling your future appointments. Going lighter also means more maintenance. We recommend being in the salon every 3-4 weeks for a glaze to keep your hair looking fresh.

After your visit Condition. Ok, sure...everybody uses conditioner. We want you to take it one step further and start DEEP conditioning your hair once a week. After you shampoo and condition, take a quarter sized amount of a hydrating conditioner. We love The Whipped Treatment from Arrojo. Below is a picture of the product and the appropriate amount that you should use.

Rub the product all over your hands to ensure even saturation:

Then, work the product through the ends FIRST:

Only after you've applied the product to the ends can you move up the hair shaft. Careful to stay away from the roots. If you want the full benefits of a deep conditioner you should leave it on for 5-10 minutes. When enough time has elapsed, do a vigorous rinsing. You want to get all of the product off of your hair. If run the risk of leaving the hair feeling weighted down. Having healthy blonde hair is that simple! Call today to schedule a pre-treat appointment or to reserve your take home products! Xo MHS

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