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Do you even workout hair, bro?

Our clients value a healthy living lifestyle as much as they value healthy hair. You guys are active and always ask us the best way to keep your hair looking amazing during and after your workout. So, we compiled a list of hair tips that are gym friendly.

When you walk into the gym...

You're going to sweat and you hate your hair being in your face. We want to discourage you from going for that high and tight ponytail. The hair around your face is so fragile and that high pony can cause massive breakage around your face. To keep your hair together and out of your face, invest in some cotton headbands. They won't rip your hair out and some fitness companies make headbands that are made of a moisture-wicking material. If bangs are an issue...grab an elastic headband that's not as wide.

After your workout, when you walk into the locker room...

You have to go to work and you've got a sweaty mop...What do you do? Grab a blow dryer, let your hair down and flip your head over. Put the blow dryer on cool and do a quick cool blast. During your workout your scalp has released some oils onto your hair, using heat from a blow dryer will cause that oil to spread down your hair shaft and leave you feeling greasy and flat. The cool shot isolates that oil and freezes it in place. Bangs still an issue? Make sure you style your bangs FIRST. Leaving your bangs out to dry can result in unruly fringe and will be impossible to tame. After your cool shot...shoot some dry shampoo at your roots. We love Paul Mitchell's "Dry Wash" for a freshen up. Need more volume? Try Arrojo's "ReFINISH Dry Shampoo".

Those are the basics! Have more questions? Shoot us a comment! Or just ask us the next time you're in the salon!



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