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Beachy Hair Ideas

Summer is in full swing and everyone is heading to the water to cool down. I wanted to share a recent photo shoot on the beach I got to style and how I combated the stormy weather with some simple bobby pins!

This was my lovely model Janelle. She's had her ombre for almost a year. As most of you know, blonde likes to turn yellow (especially in the summer.) So just before the shoot, we cooled it down and brought her to more of a smokey blonde. Janelle has naturally straight fine hair, that doesn't maintain a curl very well. We wanted to stay away from braids and give her more of a classy, sophisticated look. Knowing how humid it was, I curled her hair just enough to keep a soft beachy wave.

Look at that color! Beautiful.

Option 1: High pony. Bangs down. To get the pony to stand a little higher, crisscross bobby pins underneath pointing up. This will anchor the base enough to keep the pony from falling.

If the wind is an issue, with your hair curled, tease it up a little bit and pin it to the back of your head. If your hair is long enough the bobby pins can easily be hidden.

Option 2: Bangs can get annoying with the wind blowing them everywhere. Give them a little tease, twist and pin them back.

Last but certainly not least. The trusty top bun. Never under estimate a top bun.

Huge thanks to Purse and Clutch for putting together such an amazing team!

Creative Director: Oh! Fox Creative

Model: Janelle Whitehead

Wordrobe Stylist: Jill Watson

Hope you all are loving your summer as much as I am!

Kristi b

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